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4th Grade Flying Kites Mission – Team 4R

4R, it’s your turn. We have ONE DAY to create 3 field trip resources for our friends at Flying Kites. Here’s what we’re going to do.

You are in groups. In each group, you need a Map Maker, a Researcher, a Formatter, and a Coordinator. For the group of 3, you will not have a Coordinator.

  • Map Maker – stick a push-pin in the location of Flying Kites in GoogleEarth, then push-pin the location of your field trip spot (or spots). Save your map as an image so that you can add it into your field trip project. You will then need to drag the map into your group folder.
  • Researcher – follow the link to your location(s) and find out the following information. Use the graphic organizer from Mrs. H to help you out.
    • What will they do?
    • What will they see?
  • Formatter – your job is to put everything together. Open the Pages file in your folder, and start filling in what you can until your Map Maker and Researcher can give you the rest. You may also want to help out your team.
  • Coordinator – who needs help on your team? Your job is to jump in wherever you are needed and help people out. 

Here are your locations and resources. Know that Flying Kites is located at  0°31’0.27″S, 36°35’43.80″E

  1. Langata Giraffe Centre (Tina, DD, Nadia, Maggie)
  2. Nairobi Education Centre and Animal Orphanage (Lydia, Victoria, Kaylynn, Annie)
  3. Total Field Trip Guide (Jake, Nick, Will) – you have a slightly different job. Your task is to create a field guide of ALL possible field trips within 50 miles of Flying Kites. You still have 3 roles, but a different type of project. Here’s your challenge
    • Map the 5 locations that your classmates are using to create their guides by adding push-pins, and then use the ruler to measure the distance from Flying Kites to that location. Consider making the Flying Kites push pin a different color. You will find the latitude and longitude of the other locations by reading the Team #1 directions below these directions.
    • Write a brief description of what the students might do on a field trip to those places. To get your information, start by reading the other classes Field Trip Guides in the 13 folder. Then, quickly interview the other two groups in this class to find out what they have learned.
    • Work with the Map Maker (once he is done) to see if there is anything else that may be worth visiting within 50 miles. If you find other places, add them onto the map.

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