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4th Grade Flying Kites Project – Team 4D

We’re on a mission. We have ONE DAY to plan a field trip for our friends at Flying Kites and make them a field trip guide. Here’s what we’re going to do.

You are in groups. In each group, you need a Map Maker, a Researcher, and a Formatter.

  • Map Maker – stick a push-pin in the location of Flying Kites in GoogleEarth, then push-pin the location of your field trip spot. Save your map so that you can add it into your field trip guide. You will then need to drag them map into your group folder.
  • Researcher – follow the link to your location and find out the following information. Use the graphic organizer from Mrs. H to help you out.
    • What will they do?
    • What will they see?
  • Formatter – your job is to put everything together. Open the Pages file in your folder, and start filling in what you can until your Map Maker and Researcher can give you the rest. You may also want to help out your Researcher.

Here are your locations and resources. Know that Flying Kites is located at  0°31’0.27″S, 36°35’43.80″E

  1. Nakuru Education Centre (Ty, Jack & Maggie)
  2. Aberdare National Park (Mary Ann, Aubrianna, Sawyer)
  3. Nairobi National Park (Ally, Sophia, Jane)

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