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7th Grade Comic Finale

Your final Comic Life file is due in either the 7M or 7A folder (whichever you are) by 2:45 on Friday. Here are the final steps.

  1. Finish all of your work in Paintbrush
  2. Open Comic Life
  3. Save As>YourName
  4. Pick a template with the correct number of squares. Unless I give you permission, your comic must fit on NO MORE than 2 pages.
  5. You should be able to drag your finished frames into place from the Media inspector in Comic Life
  6. Use the bubbles to either type, or copy & paste your dialog into place
  7. Add your name in the footer of the document
  8. Add the title of your comic to the first page

A few minor notes:

  • If it has a watermark on the page, don’t panic! When we print the final out, we’ll do it from my machine with the full license.
  • If you cannot get your images to work, let me know. There are several work-a-rounds.

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