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6th Grade Global Warming Website Work

6B Directions

Kevin, Liam, and Reed – complete your game in Keynote.

Stephen and Peter –

  1. Click Here to get to the Challenge 20/20 site, and then press the login button
  2. Mr. Day has your user name and password
  3. Once you login,click on Tools (bottom left) and then Manage Quiz
  4. Start by playing with the Edit button on the Sample Quiz. Your goal is to customize what would appear on the Final Screen
  5. When you know what you are doing, then apply it to the actual quiz

Chloe, Alexis, and Codi – finish adding all images to your keynote file. You should have one slide with a SmartBuild for each paragraph.

Sam and Taelor – finish typing up all info on green companies

Serena, Tory, and Stephanie – finish keynote slides. Ask Mr. Day for help with the hyper links.

6H Directions

Green Game – finish checking all hyperlinks. Remember that the ONLY file that you should use is Hugo’s. Add the green ninja where you want it. Proof-read your game. When you think you are done. Do a File>Export to SWF. You can also finish proof-reading Charis’ blog post. Charis, ask Mr. Day for the login info if you forget. Click here to go to the website.

Green Products – finish typing and editing all of your writing and then proof-read each other’s work. If you finish all of that,  you can find ONE image per product. You should copy & paste the hyperlink of the image into your document. Zach can show you how.

GreenIQ – Log back into the website. Click here to go to the website. Go through and edit EACH QUESTION. Remember that you want an explanation for each correct answer. Remember that to get to the questions, click on Tools, and then Manage Quizzes. You’ll then be able to edit questions. Mr. Day has your login info if you forget.

ZachClick here to go to the website. Mr. Day has your user name and password. You are going to create a new post, write a quick description, and then copy & paste the embed code into your post. Charis can help you.

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