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Whose Job is it Anyways???

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Yesterday, we had a faculty meeting to discuss issues. Since before the holidays, I have been talking with the students in grades 6-8 about how they can maintain their online reputation. No one had asked me how it was going, or what we were talking about, even though we have a few parent events coming up to discuss it, so I felt like sharing. We didn’t really reach any consensus.

There was a lot of discussion about everything that the kids may or may not do online, but no suggestions as to how they could do anything other than discipline the offenders. I guess we’ll just talk about it some more. Maybe it’s my job?

Who’s Keeping Students Safe Online?
Fewer than 25 percent of educators feel comfortable teaching students how to protect themselves from online predators, cyberbullies and identity thieves, says a new study from the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Educational Technology, Policy Research and Outreach (ET PRO).

Children ages 10-14 spend more time on the Internet than watching television, but the report, the 2008 National Cyber Ethics, Cyber Safety, Cyber Security (C3) Baseline Study, found that only a handful of states have education curriculum requirements for teaching children how to protect themselves online.

The study found that 90 percent of educators have received fewer than six hours of professional development on cybersecurity over the past year but that more than 60 percent are interested in learning more about cybersecurity, or C3, issues, with cybersafety rated as their highest priority.

Says Davina Pruitt-Mentle, executive director and senior research analyst for ET PRO, “The burden cannot be placed solely on our education system. From media to corporate America to our federal, state and local governments, a variety of partnerships need to be formed to protect our children.”

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