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5th Grade Adaptive Technologies Project

Imagine if you suddenly lost part of your world. You couldn’t hear, or see, or maybe move. What would you do? How could technology help?

You are going to have to find or create a product, and then market it through a brochure.

To get started, let’s do some research into what already exists. Here are a few sites to help you out.

Setting Up Your Project

To get started, we’re going to take some notes in a Keynote file. 

  1. Open Keynote
  2. File>Save As> Name-ATnotes (ex: Dave-ATnotes)
  3. Your Title Slide should be Adaptive Technology Notes as the title and the name of your product as the subtitle
  4. See if you can create 4 more slides:
    • The FIRST slide should be the name of the product and the web address (just copy & paste it)
    • The SECOND SLIDE tells what the product does
    • The THIRD SLIDE tells who the product helps
    • The FOURTH SLIDE tells why a person would use it

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