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3rd Grade Regions Riddles

Where are the regions of the US? Think you really know? Well, to test your knowledge, see if you can solve these riddles and drag the pictures onto the correct place holders in your Keynote file.

Riddle #1

I live in the region with the smallest states.
I have mountains to my West and an ocean on my East.
Another country makes my northern border.
Where do I live?

Riddle #2

It’s warm where I live, and we don’t get much snow.
The Atlantic Ocean is to our east and Mickey Mouse lives down below.
People move slower and talk with a drawl.
Come visit me and I’ll cook for you all.
In the 1860’s we seceded from the union with General Robert E. Lee.
Guess where I’m from and come visit me!

Riddle #3

Where I live the ground is really flat.
And in the winter, it’s so cold you’ll need a hat.
We grow lots of corn and blueberries too.
The Great Lakes are to the East.
They even cut one of my states in two!

Riddle #4

I live in the only part of the country where four states meet at one point.
The Continental Divide runs through the middle of my region.
My region is home to largest salt lake in North America.
While we don’t have the tallest point in North America, we are known for our mountains and skiing.

Riddle #5

I live in the place with “The City by the Bay.”
Earthquakes shake the ground here many times each year.
Everyone knows about my Golden Gate.
Rice-a-Roni is one of my cities treats.
Where do I live?

Riddle #6

Two of my states begin with the word “New.”
I am the most populated region of the United States.
Almost all of my states touch the Atlantic ocean.
Where am I?

Riddle #7

I live in a region of evergreen trees and apples.
An ocean serves as my Western border, with another country to my North.
My area is known for fine coffee, lots of rain, and excellent seafood.
Where do I live?

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