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8th Spanish Projects


Imagine that you have been contacted by the tourism boards of the following countries. Your job is to create a new promotional video to increase tourists. You have each been assigned a country as well as a research assistant. For this project, the French students will work with the Spanish students. On the next project, the roles will switch.

You may use either Keynote or iMovie to create your final project. There are a few things that you need to do before you hit that part:

  1. Follow the production schedule: research, story-board, multi-media search, production, editing, presentation.
  2. You MUST document EVERYTHING photo/video/audio/information. We can publish these to the web, but have to make sure everything is credited.
  3. The Spanish students will be recording the audio. Pronunciation counts!

Though we are working in teams, and the Spanish student is the lead, both team-members are responsible for the quality of the final product. Collaborate wisely!


  • Callie – Becky (Peru)
  • Ben – Jack (Chile)
  • Alycia – Kehoe (Ecuador)
  • Neva – Stathi (Columbia)
  • Johnny – Isabella L (Costa Rica)
  • Helena – Arden (Buenos Aires)


  • Ryan  – Isabella D (Argentina – not Buenos Aires)
  • Nick – Felicity (Guatemala)
  • Ashlynn – Connor (Puerto Rico)
  • Tim – Kat (Venezuela)
  • Caroline – Bethany (Panama)
  • Shoe – Alex (Bolivia)

Getting Started

These websites will get you going. Start here. Do NOT just start plunking things into

Once you have some preliminary info, then start to use Some good searches would include the specific names of locations, foods, museums, cities, customs, music, famous people, etc. Do not just type “Brazil”.

If you find a good image/audio/video along the way, add it to your resource file. Mrs. H will give you directions.

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