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8th Grade Campaign Project

We need to get a few things DONE this week.

1. Pick a Candidate. You can nominate (and essentially vote) for your choices by voting online. Nominate one person to represent Senator McCain from 8C and one person to represent Senator Obama from 8W. Click Here to vote. (It will open a new window.)

2. FINISH the draft of your Brief. Before the end of class, you need to turn in a Keynote file to the 8C/8W folder in the 09 folder. Formatting does NOT matter. You need:

  • Slide #1 (Title Slide) – state the issue and have your name on it
  • Slide #2 – define the issue
  • Slide #3 – define your candidate’s position on the issue
  • Slide #4 – quote from the candidate about the issue

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