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7th Grade – Get out and Vote!

You first project of the year is to create a means to encourage folks to get out and vote. I’m using the word means, because you could create any sort of promotional material: poster, advertisement for the Sub-Web, get creative.

Here’s the catch: you have to encourage people to vote for a reason. Why is it important for people to vote? How can you communicate that through your poster? You will not be able to vote for 2 more elections. This means that you won’t be able to really have a say until 2016. What is important to you? What are the issues?

Check out this link from the CNN Election Center for an idea of the issues.

Next week, when you come to class, you need to have your concept in writing. This could be a quick sketch on a piece of paper or a brief outline. We’re going to move quickly on this.

If you want a preview of who is running for which office, take a look at the RI Candidates for Upcoming Election from the Attorney General’s website. (Extra Credit if you can also come to class and tell me what the Attorney General does!)

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