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6th Grade – Ship's Log and the start of Leg #1

6th Grade, this year, you will be circumnavigating the globe with the teams from the Volvo Ocean Race. For 39,000 miles, you will track their positions, follow the action, and complete a multitude of challenges in this endurance race around the world.

However, before we can begin, you need to start your Ship’s Log. To do this,

  1. Go to the 11 folder
  2. Drag the Ship’s Log file into your Documents folder
  3. Open your Documents Folder in Finder
  4. Click on it ONCE
  5. Command-i (or Apple-i but the new keyboards don’t have apples on them
  6. Under Name and Extension, type your first name and then a dash (-). Your file name should be something like mine: MrsH-LogBook.pages
  7. Close the information window
  8. Open the file
  9. Where it says Student Log Book, add your name. (ex: Mrs. H’s Log Book)
  10. When you have completed this task, look up at the SMARTBoard.

Once your log book is ready, you can start the Map Maker’s Challenge.

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