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6th Grade Language Project

Imagine that you are tasked to create a travel poster to advertise a city or region. What would you put on it? What information would people need to know? This is your last project for the school year.

Paris – Ian, Hope
Lyon – Thomas
Marseille – Libbie, Payton
Nice – Ned
Cannes – India
Bordeaux – Ayah
Normandy – Nick
Toulouse – Will
Dijon – Ellis
Nantes – Zack
Strasbourg – Sam

Spanish Cities
Madrid – Phil and Jake
Barcelona – Aidan
Salamanca – Alex
Grenada – Peter
Seville – Jack and Najla
Barcelona – Margot
Pais Vasco – Aren
Pamplona – Amberlee
Cordoba – Emily
Valencia – Becky
Use for your research.

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