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6th Grade Circumnavigation project

Now that you have charted your route, you’re ready to set sail. We will work on the first two days’ log entries as a group. After that, you’re on your own. You must make a minimum of 5 log entries (including the 2 that we will do in class). For each entry, you will need:

  1. Starting Position for the day
  2. Ending Position for the day
  3. Distance Covered
  4. Average Speed
  5. Wind Speed and Direction
  6. Sea State
  7. Additional Observation
  8. Chart to illustrate your Way Point
  9. Any other image that you find relevant

For your Additional Observations, you MUST include at least one of each of these:

  • Weather
  • Celestial Observation
  • Marine Life

We will be sailing on a Swan 51. Click here to see what your boat looks like. This boat averages between 6-7 knots in 15 knots of breeze. If it is windier, then you may be going as fast as 10-12 knots. If there is no wind, you could be doing as little as 2-3 knots. Remember that 1 knot = 1.15 miles per hour.

Links that you should use

Weather Forcasts: NWS Internet Weather Service, Weather Underground, Passage Weather, and Accu Weather International

Celestial Observations: Space.Com’s NightSky application, and GoogleSky

World Time Zones: map of the 24 hour clock from GMT

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