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7th Grade – Media Project Part 1

How does the news work? Do you ever think about it? What impact can it, and does it, have on current events? We are going to start a project where we analyze the news. Think about it, we can’t do our own news coverage if we don’t know and understand how the media really works.

1. Read ALL directions BEFORE you begin.
2. Open the 09 folder and drag the IntroToMedia file into your Documents folder
3. Close the 09 folder
4. Open your Documents Folder
5. Open the IntroToMedia file
6. Read the entire thing BEFORE you come back to this website.

Oh good, you’re back! You must have read ALL the directions.

Use the links below to find your news stories. Remember, try to find the same story across all of the different news outlets – or at least similar stories. Think about how each source covers it differently. What do you notice? Remember, you need to do these in order.

Choose ONE Morning Show:

Choose ONE Evening Show:

Choose ONE other news show (You must do these LAST!!!!):

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