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8th Grade Language Presentation

Remember, you are creating this as if you have gone on a trip to your country and now want to tell the class about it. This is NOT PowerPoint. You do not have to follow the strict rules of presentations. Now that you know the rules, you are allowed to break them.

Here are the guidelines of what you need:

  1. Choose ONE theme. You can modify that theme, but don’t skip around between themes.
  2. Be consistent in your design decisions. For example, you may change the size of the title font, and possibly the color, but don’t change the whole font from slide to slide.
  3. Do not feel like you have to write in bullets. While you don’t want a whole paper on a slide, you don’t always have to stick to the facts either.
  4. Use lots of pictures! Remember, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
  5. Make sure that you are organized. It doesn’t matter how you choose to organize yourself, just make sure that you are consistent.

A few technology things:

  • Make sure that your filename has your first name and the project in it. (ex:name-place)
  • Watch capitalization, spelling, and grammar
  • Consistency – I’m looking to make sure that you are consistent in your decisions about images, formatting, fonts, etc.
  • Slide Transitions – I will teach this once. You must have a transition on every slide. If you vary your transitions, you should have a reason for it.
  • Minimum Number of Slides – you should have at least 7 slides.
    1. Title
    2. Basic Info
    3. Geography
    4. Place to visit #1
    5. Place to visit #2
    6. Specific(s)
    7. Conclusion
  • Content – did your audience learn a lot about your place? Do you know a lot? You should now be an expert. Can we tell?

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