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8th Grade Language Project – Part 1

You will need to complete the research worksheet in order to build your project. Along the way, if you find any images that you think may be of benefit, then you need to Add them to iPhoto.

To add an image to iPhoto, control-click on the picture and then choose Add Image to iPhoto Library.

Project Topics for 8C

  • Ford – Panama
  • Christian – Phillipeans
  • Camille – Monaco
  • Jameson – Peru
  • Zach – Easter Island
  • Ronnie – Columbia
  • Lucas – Guatemala
  • Ollie – Morroco
  • Fergus – Martinique
  • TJ – Costa Rica
  • Giles – Tahiti

Project Topics for 8W

  • Alex – Galapagos
  • Kendra – Puerto Rico
  • Wayne – Taiwan
  • Gus – Argentina
  • Matt – Ecuador
  • Ryan – Chile
  • Chandler – Canada
  • William – Switzerland
  • Ryan – Argentina
  • Helen – Venezuela
  • Katie – Haiti

Starting Points

You should be able to find just about everything you need using these websites:

  1. French Speaking Countries WebQuest
  2. World Atlas – click on your continent and then your country. You will have to dig around a bit and follow the links.
  3. CIA World Fact Book – choose your country from the list of countries and then look for information. When it asks you about viewing the certificate, just click ok.
  4. Lonely Planet Worldguide – choose your continent and then drill down to find your country
  5. Fodors – Navigate through the map for more travel info
  6. CHIFF Travel – just for places in Europe

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