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7th Grade Comic Project

Are you looking for characters? Not into drawing by hand? Here are some sites to use. Remember, when you find something, you want to control-click and then Add to iPhoto.

I know that this sounds crazy, but here’s how we can fully doctor the images that you get.

  1. When you find something, control-click and Add to iPhoto
  2. When you have all of your images in place, you are going to make a 2nd set of Storyboards using Keynote. To do this, open Keynote and then open your PowerPoint file.
  3. Do File>Save As, and save this as a Keynote file called name-Storyboard2
  4. Add one new slide after each of your storyboards
  5. Delete the Text Boxes
  6. Open the Media Inspector and choose iPhoto. This will let you drag your iPhoto images onto a Keynote slide.
  7. Use the graphic tools to get your images close to how you will want them.
  8. When all of your images are close, you will export them as JPGs and then move on to the next step. (Don’t worry, I’ll talk you through this.)

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