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3rd Grade – Geography Project Part 2

Not all maps look alike! We want to go find some different maps of your state so that we can start to build our next project. Here’s what we’re going to need:

  1. Outline Map of the US
  2. Color Map (get the large one if you can)
  3. Outline Map
  4. Topographic Relief Map

You are going to use the World Atlas to find your maps. Once you open the World Atlas, click on the name of your state to start finding your maps.

For each map that you find, you want to Control-Click and choose Save to Documents. Once you save a map, you need to follow these directions.

  1. Open your Documents Folder
  2. Click on your map
  3. Apple-I
  4. Add the word color, outline, or topo to the file name so that you know what the map is.
  5. Move the map to the state folder that you created
  6. Go find the next map

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