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8th Grade Presentation Project

Pretend that you are the author of the website that you last evaluated. Now, you need to defend BOTH your topic as well as your website to a panel of critics. Create a PowerPoint presentation using the following criteria. We will present these in class.

PowerPoint Criteria

You must follow all of the directions IN ORDER or your PowerPoint may not work when you use the Windows computer in the Library to give your presentation.

  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Save your file with your first name, last initial, and your topic

    ex: janed-DHMO.ppt

  3. Your first slide must be a title slide. It should have your topic as the Title and a reason for defending it as the Sub-Title
  4. You second slide (Title & Bullets slide) must be an introduction to your argument, not your topic. It should provide details about why we should believe you that your topic and your site are credible
  5. Your third slide (Title, Picture, & Bullets slide) addresses the topic itself. On this slide, you should have an image that best represents your topic as well as some key facts that describes what your topic is.
  6. Your fourth slide (Title & Bullets) provides 3-4 key points that defends the credibility of your website.
  7. Your last slide (Title & Bullets) concludes your argument. It should leave us with a lasting impression for why the “panel of judges” should believe you.
  8. Format your Master Slide such that your layout and design choices support your argument (I will walk you through this when we are ready).
  9. Add slide transitions and/or text transitions (You will get extra credit for doing both).

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