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8th Grade Web Evaluation Project Part 2

Open up your eval1 document and Save As firstname-eval2.doc (ex: johnd-eval2.doc). Start your second evaluation below your first one.

Complete the same evaluation of your assigned site as you did in Part 1. Make sure that you write each evaluation term in your document before you begin and then answer all of the questions. Also make sure you identify whether or not the topic is real or unreal as well as whether or not the website is credible or not credible.

8C Assignments

Fergus – AFDB
TJ – Sea Iguanas
Christian – Boilerplate
Ollie – Blue Footed Booby
Giles – Velcro Crop
– Mankato, MN
Ford – the EGG
Zack – AFDB
Ronnie – Sea Iguanas
Camille – the EGG
Lucas – Blue Footed Booby

8W Assignments

Gus – AFDB
Alex – Sea Iguanas
Katie – Boilerplate
Matt – Blue Footed Booby
William – Velcro Crop
Ryan M
– Mankato, MN
Kendra – the EGG
Wayne – AFDB
Chandler – Sea Iguanas
Ryan S – the EGG
Helen – Blue Footed Booby

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