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2nd Grade Glacier Spies – Final Message from Agent Crystal

Glacier Spies, you have received your last Text Message from Agent Crystal. You have all of the information that you need to complete the mission.


Final Text Message

From: Crystal

Subject: Your Last Mission

Now that you are back at your  home, it is time for you to help us accomplish our mission:  find the TOP SECRET container. 

Our team is ready to go to Alaska, and find the glacier where the TOP SECRET container was lost 50 years ago.  It’s going to be icy, snowy, and dangerous, so our team will need to pack well. Based on our earlier missions, they will need to have hats, mittens, coats, crampons, snowshoes, and helmets.

Now, we know that our missing agent was flying from the Kremlin in Russia back to the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. (Mrs. H will show you a map) We also know that his plane crashed in Alaska, in a glacier snow field. 

During our missions, we have learned that glaciers move, and that they shape the land.  First, we traveled deep into Denali where we saw the Piedmont Glaciers, the U-Shaped Valleys, and the lines of Moraine. We also explored the Chugach Mountains to see how glaciers move. Another day, we traveled into the Harding Ice Field to see how big glaciers can be – remember, it’s 700 square miles of ice!


Based on all of that information, where is the TOP SECRET container?

Need to take one last look around? Follow these links to get some pictures for your spy book before you decide on your answer.

Catch a flight to Denali

Click here to head back to the Harding Ice Field.

Another agent has left us pictures of the Chugach Mountains.

What kinds of Glaciers do you see? What do you notice? Don’t forget to add your pictures to your Spy Books.

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