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4th Grade Safari – The Plan

4th Graders, we are going on a virtual safari. For this to work, you will need to gather information about your animal, its ecosystem, and its habitat. Once you have that information, you will write your script and film your safari.

We are going to use several programs that you already know in order to pull this off, as well as one that you don’t. Here’s the plan:

  1. Fill in your Safari Notes file
  2. Gather images – remember, you need to teach your audience. You will need pictures of your animal, as well as its surroundings. You will also need some maps to show people where we are going.
  3. Find Video – this is a virtual safari, so we can’t make our own movies. You will need to search United Streaming for some clips.
  4. Outline your Safari – what is the story of your safari? You will need to fill in your Safari Outline so that you know what order to put things in, as well as the script for your Safari leader.
  5. Put it all together – this will be the fun part! Using iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, and Keynote, you will make your safari come alive.

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