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6th and 7th Grade

Happy New Year! Let’s get back in the swing of things by working on those typing skills.

  1. Open the Touch Typing Tutor (Clicking this link will open the page in a new window so that you can keep reading these directions.)
  2. Click Start Online Demo – remember that it takes a few minutes to load
  3. Click the Begin button
  4. Use your first name as your username – If you do not see a box to type your name, place your cursor in the area where there should be a box and click.
  5. Choose Touch Typing as your course
  6. Set the time to 35 minutes
  7. Work your way through the lessons

After you finish, your Net Word Score will be recorded. If you can type more than 30 words per minute, then you can go on to Lesson 2; otherwise, keep working on those Home Keys.

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