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Intro to HTML

This is a review of everything that we have already covered.

Remember, HTML works with what are called tags. Each tag goes inside of two carrats that look like this: .

For every tag that is opened, it is also closed so that they look like this:

There is the list of tags that are critical for you to know. Each one is listed below.

  1. body
  2. head
  3. p (paragraph)
  4. a (anchor) and href (hyperlink reference) – when you put these together, you can make a hyperlink
  5. strong (for bold)
  6. em (for italics)
  7. h1, h2, h3 (for headers)

You can also set colors for your body background and text. With HTML, you have to use hexadecimal colors. Click Here to get a list of colors. We will use this page today to add more color to our test pages.

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