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3rd Grade State Project – Part 2

Today, we want to add onto our Keynote projects from last week. To get started, open your Documents folder and then open your Keynote Project.

Now we want to create another new slide. This one should be a Title & Bullets slide.

We are going to make this new slide a Fact Slide for Rhode Island. Next week, you can start getting facts for your state. Let’s try to get through these steps.

  1. Copy and Paste the word “Rhode Island” into the Title Area
  2. Copy and Paste these words into the Bullet part of your slide

    State Abbreviation:
    State Capital:
    Bordering States:
    Major Rivers:
    Major Lakes:

  3. Click here to open a web page on Rhode Island
  4. Find the answers to the words above and paste them into place

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