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7th Grade Trade Triangle Project – Part 1

The goal here is to begin to map out the Trade Triangle with all of the factors that have influenced it. To do that, we will need a series of maps from which we can work later.

Use the National Geographic Map Machine to get the following:

  1. A Physical Map of the general area of the Trade Triangle
  2. A Satellite Map of the same area
  3. A map (or maps) with the theme of Major Hurricanes

Because these maps are generated with Flash, in order to be able to work with them later, we will need to take Screen Captures – a picture of the screen as you are currently viewing it. To do this, you will hold down Shift, Apple, 3 at the same time. This will put a picture on your desktop. Once it is there, rename it to something logical and move it to your Pictures folder.

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